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The Making of an Editor

When our professor stopped his class to read out a circular about a campus selection programme, I didn't realise that it was going to change the contours of my life.

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Colorful spices kept in different sacks in a market

Dead Giveaways That an Author Is Indian

India is largely seen as a non-native-English-speaking nation, but the country has a significantly large population of English speakers owing to its British colonial history.

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A young girl sitting in the middle of woods, with her face covered by her hair

Feedback: Giving Gracefully and Receiving Gratefully

She was somewhere in the middle of the thick woods. Alone. Directionless. Not sure about where to head, she panicked and started walking 

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An arrow piercing through a heart made of dried flowers and petals

A Valentine’s Day and an Antecedent Accident

To say it was a Valentine's day is being redundant. It was when many of my colleagues and I were in our early and mid-20s, which made that V-day all the more special.

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Feedback, the most dreaded word

Feedback, the most dreaded word

Feedback hurts, brings the morale down, and even humiliates. But feedback is a mechanism that will put us on the right path and help us bring out the best in each of us.

What’s your story?

What’s your story?

Editor’s Essentials invites you to share it with the editing fraternity. After all, a story is to be told, an idea is worth spreading, and editors are the ones who never shy away from seeking advice.

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Becoming an editor extraordinaire is a simple two-pronged approach. Learn thoroughly and keep learning. Learn thoroughly with the courses by Editor's Essentials and keep learning using our other resources. Take the first step now!

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