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Are you a newbie? Or an experienced editor who wants to review the basics?

Essentials of Language Editing is a comprehensive course for you. The course covers grammar, usage, and punctuation as well as various aspects of copyediting style, such as dealing with abbreviations, lists, and float elements.

So, what's special about the courses by Editor's Essentials?

  • To begin with, this is a completely online course. You decide the pace, time, and place.
  • The course is instructor-led. That is, you will "unlock" a new lesson as and when you achieve a passing minimum in the final assessment of each lesson. This way, we ensure that you have thoroughly understood the concept before you move on.
  • Each lesson is divided into logical topics and has adequate practice papers. The lessons are designed in such a way that you complete a topic, check your understanding by completing the practice papers. There are full-lesson practice papers/assessments at the end of the lesson.
  • Each lesson provides a plenty of sentences for practice. For example, you will work with close to 250 practice sentences in the subject–verb agreement lesson alone.
  • A majority of the sentences for practice and in assessments are from published works in various disciplines – not just simple made-up sentences. Thus, as you complete your lessons, you become familiar with text from published work.

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