Essentials of Language Editing

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Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to become a language editor in India (here is a list of typesetting companies in India that offer copyediting as a primary service)
  • Existing editors who want to upskill or refresh their foundation
  • Those who aspire to take up copyediting as a mid-career change

The modules

Grammar and usage

  • Subject–verb agreement, with an emphasis on tricky cases
  • Pronoun–antecedent agreement, with a focus on balancing sentences
  • Article usage, with a focus on basics and convention
  • A thorough discussion on clearly defined differences in US and UK spelling and conventions
  • Functional approach to punctuation, laying equal emphasis on the mechanical aspects
  • Other editing conventions such as casing, abbreviations, numerals, and formatting

Effective use of MS Word

  • Language settings, spell-checking, and custom dictionaries
  • Find and replace, basic and advanced (wild cards)
  • Collaborating with authors/reviewers: track changes, comments, and user name
  • Understanding tables
  • Understanding lists
  • Effective use of styles and templates
  • Formatting for effective presentation: text, spacing and alignment
  • Working with equations

Mentored editing

  • Mentored editing of 25 thoughtfully designed samples
  • Graded complexity for an effortless transition to editing full-length articles
  • Plenty of online sessions to shape the editing mindset
  • Guidance on preparation and effective use of style sheets and checklists
  • Other editing best practices that will lay the foundation for an excellent editing career

Related knowledge

  • Publishing workflow and positioning the copyediting process
  • Overview of fiction, nonfiction, and academic publishing
  • Style manuals, house styles, and style sheets
  • Understanding references, bibliography, and notes
  • Working with authors and publishers
  • Achieving right-first-time quality

Why learn with us?

Instructor-led training

The course is broken down into four modules, which are composed of lessons and topics. You will go through a fixed learning path, to ensure each topic is learned thoroughly and pave the way for further learning.

For instance, you will see that the sample subject–verb agreement (SVA) lesson is divided into 10 topics, the first 5 of which cover the basics and the next 5 discuss the rules and exceptions.

Fun and engaging content

The copyediting course strives to feed the child in each of us. What else is the best way to learn than learning like a child?

Each lesson contains

  • mindmaps for better recall
  • crossword puzzles that reinforce concepts
  • beat-the-timer quizzes to make editing your second nature and
  • even advanced puzzles such as whodunnit

Practice and assessment

Each topic is followed by practice papers that help in formative learning. These practice papers are online and provide instantaneous feedback, enabling you to review the concepts where necessary.

Lesson-end practice papers are consolidated in nature and another tool for recollection.

Finally, the baseline and final assessments help validate the achievement of learning objectives. 

"Editing-life" examples

Each topic – the smallest unit of our courses – is filled with a plenty of examples from published work. This helps in two ways: they reinforce learning and provide familiarity with real-world editing.

For instance, the sample SVA lesson has at least 300 examples distributed over 5 main topics.

Extensive support framework

A support system during learning is a prerequisite to achieving the learning goals. Our copyediting courses are ably supplemented by a robust learning support system that consists of

  • online forums for peer-to-peer learning
  • weekly online Zoom sessions and
  • an exclusive and extensive mentoring during sample editing

Certificate on successful completion

You earn a certificate at the end of successful completion.

A course completion certificate is a great way to show that you have learnt a skill properly and that you are ready for real-world editing.

What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course delivered?

Essentials of Language Editing is an instructor-led online course. The lessons are made available on predetermined days. You will take the lessons at your own pace. However, some features such as online sessions are planned ahead and are intended as group exercises. As such, they are not offered multiple times for individuals. 

What is the duration of the course?

The course can be completed in a maximum of three months. However, the materials are available for 6 months from the date of enrolment.

What is the learning support you receive?

The course is supported by an online forum moderated by the trainer and experienced copyeditors. Besides, weekly online Zoom sessions are organized to clarify your questions. 

What is the course fee?

The course is priced at INR 15,000 with a GST of INR 2,700. The total fee is INR 17,700.

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