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In two steps, you can become an editor extraordinaire: learn thoroughly and keep learning. Courses by Editor’s Essentials are the perfect place to kickstart your editing career. What are you waiting for?


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misplaced nodifier

A WhatsApp conversation. U: "What is the English translation of போர்க்கால அடிப்படை?" S: "War footing" U: "Thanks, S. Is this a noun?" S: "Welcome" U: "Adjective?" S: "Yes" "On a war footing" "Adverb" "Action taken on a war footing" U: "Great" M: "Sorry to differ, S....

The making of a copy editor – III

Now, we are at the end of a series of posts. A quick recap: in my last post, The making of a copy editor – II, I discussed a good understanding of English grammar and the flair for reading as two of the four traits of a copy editor. While the two are self-explanatory,...

The making of a copy editor – II

Hello there. Hope you had a cup of strong coffee, thinking over what would be the four traits of a copy editor. Or if you missed my previous post, Making of a copy editor - I, you may go back to the post, read it and come back here. You would lose nothing if you go...

Want to become an editor extraordinaire?

Becoming an editor extraordinaire is a simple two-pronged approach. Learn thoroughly and keep learning. Learn thoroughly with the courses by Editor’s Essentials and keep learning using our other resources. Take the first step now!

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