Typesetters in India

India is considered a hub of typesetters and houses hundreds of typesetting companies across Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, and Delhi, among others. If you are looking for opportunities in e-publishing, here is a list of prominent typesetting companies in India.


Founded in 2000, Amnet Systems supports changing technology and workflow requirements in the production, transformation, and distribution of your print and digital assets. Amnet works with a highly customer-centric approach to deliver top-quality solutions that are cost-effective.

Services Offered:

Editing, book designing, corporate publishing, content enrichment, distribution, e-learning, rights and permissions, deliverables, project management, and full-service publishing.



Email:  hr@amnet-systems.com

Website: www.amnet-systems.com









Established in 1988, Apex is known for providing cost-effective solutions to its customers. With its advanced technology and industry expertise, Apex has established itself in publishing, media, and advertisement segments. Apex deals with all kinds of content: manuscripts, audios, or videos. Apex has expanded its niche to become a technology-led supplier of prepress, data conversion, editorial, and content enhancement services.

Services Offered:

Prepress, publishing solutions, library digitization, data conversion, editorial solutions, and content enrichment


E-mail: hr@aci.apexcovantage.com

Website: www.covantage.com











Aptara is a USA-based content development media company specialized in digital content development. Aptara provides services to the ten largest publishers in the world and has prospects with around 100 companies. The company provides a one-stop solution for content such as content creation, content transition from print to digital, publishing, and data mining to customer support for its distribution and use.


Digital content development, custom content services, publishing, IT service, corporate learning and performance, banking, finance and insurance, health care and pharmaceuticals, and legal.


+91-1207182424 (Noida), +91-2066728000 (Pune), +91-1352644055 (Dehradun), +91-4714063370 (Trivandrum), +91-4422640676 (Chennai).

E-mail: careersintl@aptaracorp.com

Website: www.aptaracorp.com


Cenveo Publisher Services is a pioneer in providing a full range of technology, content, and delivery solutions that drive revenue growth and streamline workflows while ensuring editorial integrity. Cenveo Publisher Services is an industry leader in XML-early workflow solutions, copyediting, digital outputs, automated transformations, author services, and print and fulfillment services. With its subject matter and production experts all over the world, Cenveo has shown tremendous growth and continuous improvement in its services in a short time.

Services Offered:

Digital art support, media conversion, magazines, content management, books and journals publishing, and digital solutions.


Email: info.psg@cenveo.com

Website: www.cenveopubliserservices.com








Codemantra is a pioneer in document digitization. With a team of highly skilled employees, the latest AI and machine learning techniques, leveraging proprietary platforms, and regularly investing millions of dollars in technology enhancement, Codemantra offers high-quality solutions and services to more than 300 publishers, financial institutions, NGOs, and public sector organizations.

Services Offered:

Content service, content modeling, content creation, editing, curating, managing, indexing, automated process and workflows, collection point, accessibility insights.


+91 44 661 55300 (Chennai)

E-mail: info@codemantra.com

Website: www.codemantra.com


Founded in 2002, Cosmic Strands is a publishing resource center specializing in content, media, and technology services, offering editorial, digitization, and content solutions to some of the leading publishers, government institutions, and corporations across the USA and Europe, and India. Cosmic Strands offers services that range from language editing to full service (multimedia output) including graphics, cover designs, secondary content, alt-text, software development, and customer services (voice and non-voice).

Services Offered: 

Language editing, artwork, and services translation


+91 (080) 41328063 | +91 (080) 40907447 (Karnataka)

Website: www.cosmicstrands.com


Based in Dublin, Ireland, Deanta is a leading publishing production management company. The company’s vision is to provide complete publishing solutions to its clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is consistently working towards finding new and innovative ways to challenge traditional ways of publishing services, to serve its customers with latest, flexible, and tailor-made services in copyediting, project management, digital asset management, and many more.

Services Offered:

Production and project management services, copyediting, proofreading, indexing, publishing production management, AI solutions, XML page creation and conversion, and digital asset management


+ 91 8037432195 (Chennai)

E-mail: info@deantaglobal.com



Established in 1997, DiacriTech caters to K-12, college, STM, and trade publishers with a global presence. DiacriTech’s pace with the digital revolution is serving customers with the latest digital requirements with utmost satisfaction. Through flawless execution of projects, DiacriTech has been continuously achieving high annual turnovers. This, in turn, has allowed customers to benefit from significant savings in production costs, lower overheads, and the ability to meet peak demands while maximizing profits.

Services Offered:

prepress, e-learning, K-12, academic, STM, journals, content services.


044 4288 9000 (Chennai)

Website: www.diacritech.com


Founded in the year 1999, Exemplarr Worldwide Ltd is an international knowledge process outsourcing business driven by truly comprehensive and extensive solutions. The company is focused on knowledge-intensive business processes for organizations worldwide.

Services Offered: 

E-publishing, prepress services, e-governance, e-learning services, animation and simulation, interactivities and learning objects, conversion services, e-architecture, application development, media technology services, rich internet applications, and testing and QA services.


Exeter Premedia provides end-to-end digital publishing services for scholarly publications. Exeter works with prestigious publishing houses across geographies – USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand – delivering ready-for-publication digital and print content by leveraging cutting-edge technology, streamlined processes and extensive publishing domain expertise.


Services Offered:

Copyediting, proofreading, indexing, data services,typesetting, data conversion, artwork and design , illustration services, and end-to-end project management.


Founded in 2000, Hurix Systems has delivery centres in Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune. Having an international sales presence, Hurix has been successful in designing highly compelling, innovative, creative, and engaging digital content. The company also offers latest and cutting-edge technology and mobile solutions to its customers at effective price.

Services Offered:

Enterprise training and development, higher education solutions, design, animation, and video services, digital marketing, and technology solutions and QA.


+91 20 6709 7888 (Pune), +91 44 6667 4888 (Chennai), +91 22 6191 4888 (Mumbai)

 Website: www.hurix.com


Founded in 1994, Integra is globally recognized for providing end-to-end services for print and digital content.  Integra is well-known for providing the best content solutions to publishers, educational content providers, and various large enterprises. Located in Pondicherry, Integra has its top international service delivery centers in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Japan, and Germany besides India and developed expertise in offering customized delivery models with onshore, offshore, and hybrid options available.

Services Offered:

Project management, content development, digital services, editorial solutions, design, e-learning, assessments, and production and publishing services


Email: marketing@integra.co.in (Business enquiry), jobs@integra.co.in (Job Enquiry)

Website: www.integra.co.in







Based in Chennai, Jouve India is a renowned organization in the publishing sector founded in 2010. Jouve India serves more than 60 big publishers worldwide, providing end-to-end content and technology solutions for the academic, custom publishing, trade publishing segments, and education. It has a team of 1,800+ highly qualified staff members in 8 countries, providing solutions across the globe in government, banking, and legal sectors.

Services Offered:

Content development, editorial services, production services, project management, technology solutions, education publishers, trade publishers, banking, insurance, government, and retail.


(+91) 44 40205300 (Chennai)
Website: www.jouve.in


Lumina Datamatics addresses business needs in content, technology, and commerce. Lumina Datamatics manages end-to-end publishing processes – from content creation to product delivery. Added to these are capabilities to generate feedback from readers and buyers. This is achieved mainly with the combination of deep domain expertise and innovative application of technology tools and platforms.

Services Offered:

Content development, editorial and enhancements, design and composition, content transformation, e-books and new media, rights and permissions, GA services, project management, and full services


+91 (44) 4017 6000 / 1 / +91 (44) 4017 6333 (Chennai), +91 (22) 4034 0515 / 08 / +91 (22) 4938 1001 / +91 – 73045 00679 (Mumbai), +91 (120) – 4940 999 / +91 (120) – 4070 320 (Noida) , +91 (413) 226 4500 / +91 (413) 401 1635 (Puducherry)

Website: www.luminadatamatics.com


Established as an Indian subsidiary of Macmillan Limited in 1970, MPS Limited is one of the most renowned global providers of platform and content solutions for the digital world. MPS collaborates with the world’s leading enterprises, publishers, learning companies, content aggregators, and libraries.

Services Offered:

Content authoring and development, production, and transformation, e-publishing services, digital transformation, accessibility solutions, interactive systems, marketing and customer support, and DigiCore technology services.


+91 120 4599750 (Noida) ,+91 124 661 3134 (Gurugram) ,+91 44 4916 2222 / +91 44 4916 2225 (Chennai) , +91 135 6677 954 (Dehradun), +91 80 4178 4242 (Bengaluru), +91-22-66438100 (Mumbai), +91-33-66111500 (Kolkata)

E-mail: marketing@mpslimited.com

Website: www.mpslimited.com


Part of Newgen Group, Newgen Knowledge Works uses the best technology and expertise to create remarkable, immersive, and high-quality publications. Newgen works with a team of 1300 highly qualified employees to offer the right quality of content and plan innovative and engaging strategies to broadcast content to the right audience through the right medium. Newgen has set its niche in the publishing industry by delivering publishing services to some of the leading publishers across the globe.

Services Offered:

Digital books, composition, content solutions, manufacturing services, arts and design, digital marketing, and technology solutions.


+91 8056047875(Chennai)

E-mail: recruiter@newgen.co 

Website: www.newgen.com


Nova Techset is formed as a merger of SR Nova and Techset Composition. It comprises a team of 800 highly skilled professionals to provide effective services in the STM, academic book publishing, and journal prepress market. Nova Techset produces over ten lakh books and journals per year, providing a wide range of services such as pre-editing, copyediting, composition, ePub solutions to a full range of project management services for academic books and journals.

Services Offered:

Pre-editing, copyediting, composition, project management, ePub/eBooks, app centre, and technology.


+91 44 4294 3400 / +91 44 4294 3499 (Chennai), +91 80 2677 0101 / +91 80 2677 0105 (Bengaluru)

Website:  www.novatechset.com


PDMR is a subsidiary company of Compuscipt Limited, Ireland, established in 2003, India. With the integration of the latest technologies and a highly skilled team of employees, PDMR is the number one choice of the world’s key publishers when it comes to availing digital publishing services. PDMR is well known for delivering customized solutions at highly reasonable rates. PDMR believes in providing its clients with smart content solutions that provoke clarity and are delivered at a pace with precision.

Services Offered:

Content development, typesetting, project management, indexing services, digitization, data mining, content composition, XML-first workflow, e-books and e-learning, and editorial solutions.


91-44-42858389 / 91-44-26650317  (Tamil Nadu)

Email: info@pdmrindia.com

Website: www.pdmrindia.com










S4Carlisle is a renowned e-publishing company that delivers leading-edge publishing and technology services, from content creation to production and distribution, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. With its technology experience, publishing expertise, and customer analytics operations, S4Carlisle creates customized tech solutions for some of its biggest global publishing partners such as Oxford University Press, Pearson, Wolters Kluwer, F.A. Davis Company, and Cengage Learning.

Services Offered:

Content development, editorial services, design and graphics, online learning, E-book development and conversion, audiobook development, data management, translation and localization, accessible content, custom publishing, and technology solutions.


+914424545411 (Chennai)

Website: www.s4carlisle.com



Set up in 1980, SPi is a market leader in technology-driven solutions for the management, extraction, enhancement, and transformation of content and information. SPi has established a reputation as one of Asia’s foremost companies to provide data outsourcing services to over 500 top-tier Fortune companies. With data and content solutions as its key assets, SPi serves various segments including healthcare, media retail, research, learning, and business information at present.

Services Offered:

Data discovery, data enrichment, data prediction, content innovation, digital solutions, and support.


+ 91 44 4395 0500 (Chennai), +91 41 3229 7600 (Pondicherry)

Website: www.spi-global.com









Situated in Chennai, spiralUp is a popular content services provider, offering innovative and reliable solutions for books, journals, e-learning, and technical documents. Through its cutting-edge technology, spiralUp helps publishers and corporations gain competitive advantage and recognition. spiralUp works towards providing state-of-the-art products and solutions of highest quality to its clients for timeless content delivery and content management on various platforms.

Services Offered:

Pre-editing, document clean-up, text structuring and styling, tailor-made pre-editing solutions, copyediting, project management, and proofreading.


+91 44 48595335(Chennai)

Email: info@spiralupsolutions.com

Website:  www.spiralupsolutions.com




Established in 1995, Scientific Publishing Services is one of the pioneers in the publishing outsourcing business. SPS was set up as a joint venture between Science+Business Media, Germany, and Mr Sharad Wasani, India. Started with premedia services to STM (Science, Technology, Medicine) books and journal publishers, SPS today has expanded its reach to some of the top-notch publishing segments across the globe. With technology, people, and innovation as its strength, SPS continues to lead as the key solution providers in the publishing world.

Services Offered:

Publishing KPO, finance and marketing KPO, technology solutions, and offshore delivery services



Email:  contact@sps.co.in

Website: www.sps.co.in










Part of the India Today Group, Thomson Digital is a leading digital solution provider offering end-to-end solutions in various content management services including digital content development, e-learning solutions, rich media development, and content processing. Thomson Digital has set remarkable standards in the publishing arena as a reliable, cost-effective, trustworthy, and high-quality service provider.

Services Offered:

Digital publishing services, multilingual publishing services, multimedia services, e-learning services, and development services.


+91-120-4511500 (Noida), +91-3592-231560 (Gangtok), +91-44-28271140, 28271141(Chennai)

E-mail: contact@thomsondigital.com

Website: www.thomsondigital.com





Based in Chennai, TNQ is a leading publishing technology and services company founded in 1998 specializing in STM publishing, serving world leaders in publishing such as Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, and Royal Society of Chemistry. With its innovative technology, TNQ is a global player in all aspects of STM publishing. The company’s proofing platform, Proof Central, is fast replacing PDF proofing processes and is used by nearly a fourth of all STM journals globally.

Services Offered:

Content transformation, STM publishing, language polishing, copyediting, auto structuring, auto conversion, browser-based pagination, DTP, graphic editing, illustration, simulation, and animation.


+91-44-4596 4800 (Chennai)

Email: info@tnq.co.in

Website: www.tnq.co.in






Headquartered in Chennai, Transforma has its front office in the USA as Transforma Inc. Transforma is a one-stop solution for online publishing and content transformation. With over a decade of experience in e-publishing, software development, and testing, Transforma is known for catering to customers all over the world including North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific and a pioneer in quality assurance and customer satisfaction rates.

Services Offered:

Content management, copyediting, publishing, typesetting, editorial management, project management, IT services, digital services, digital content transformation, proofreading.


+91 44 4046 1222 / +91 44 4868 0055 / +91 44 4046 1223 (Chennai)

Email: info@transforma.in

 Website: www.transforma.in







Versatile is a trusted publishing partner that delivers the best of services and solutions across the entire publishing process. It collaborates closely with some of the best publishers to deliver multi-format print and digital content across the globe. With a strong ecosystem of business partners delivering expertise across multiple skill sets – from multimedia and printing to distribution and self-publishing – Versatile supports publishers, service providers, and authors in their journey across the publishing industry.

Services Offered:

Typesetting, e-books, data conversion, QA services, and cataloguing.


+91-20-4050-2329 (Pune)

E-mail: info@versatilepremedia.com

Website: www.versatilepremedia.com


The information provided on this page has been extracted from the corresponding websites of companies listed here. For more information, you may look up their web sites.

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