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A great opportunity

to learn language editing and become a language editor and

to find employment or become a freelance editor

About the trainer

Murugaraj Shanmugam started his editing career in 2004. He held various positions in the editorial department and was senior manager for the copyediting teams when he quit his full-time job. During the almost 15 years of his full-time career, he helped organizations set up copyediting teams for internationally reputable publishers.

His passion for editing and training – especially his constant quest for innovative ideas in training –  not only earned him a name in the workplace, but gave the confidence to take up copyediting training as his entrepreneurial venture.

Want to become an editor extraordinaire?

Becoming an editor extraordinaire is a simple two-pronged approach. Learn thoroughly and keep learning. Learn thoroughly with the courses by Editor’s Essentials and keep learning using our other resources. Take the first step now!

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