How to login?

The login link is available on the top right corner of the page
Alternatively, you may bookmark this page:

How do I locate my course?

Upon successful login, you will be directed to your profile page (My Profile), where all courses you have access to will be listed.
You may access the course by clicking on the title of the course.

Alternatively, you may access the course directly from the navigation menu available on the top. The My Profile page is available under the “Learning Gateway”. Don’t forget to log in.

How do I access the learning forum?

The learning forum is the place where learning takes place dynamically. Here is where learning happens at a peer level.

The community may be accessed via

Hey, why don’t we celebrate being part of this learning community by sharing a brief intro here:


How can I check answers of my completed quizzes?

You may review your answers in two ways. 

As soon as the quiz is complete, on the results page, you will find the button “View Questions”. This option will show your answers for all the questions. 

Alternatively, on your profile page, under your courses, you will see icons to show the completed quizzes. 


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