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Learn practical tips and tricks

Become an editor extraordinaire!


Essentials of Language Editing

Grammar and usage, consistency and clarity, punctuation, MS Word for editors, and more…

Level: Beginner | A refresher course for experienced editors

Duration: 4 weeks


Essential Grammar and Usage for Editors

Agreement, article usage, major variants and conventions in English, special focus on conjunctions, relative pronouns, modifiers, and word usage, and more…

Level: Beginner | A refresher course for experienced editors

Duration: 4 weeks

A Functional Approach to Punctuation

Commas, semicolons and colons in connecting clauses and their other uses; hyphens and dashes; quotes and other punctuation marks; conventions; and more…

Level: Beginner | A refresher course for experienced editors

Duration: 4 weeks

Effective use of MS Word for Editors

Language settings, spell checking and custom dictionaries, find and replace basics and using wild cards, review options, styles and templates; and more…

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Duration: 4 weeks

Mentoring through Editing Practice

Editing practice through 25 thoughtfully designed practice papers, with incremental complexity for thorough learning, primarily through live Zoom sessions

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Duration: 4 weeks

Learn thoroughly

with our courses designed to make you editing-ready

Earn a certificate

and show to the world that you are a qualified editor

Edit confidently

and remain as an editor who knows that they do and why

Be an editor extraordinaire

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Becoming an editor extraordinaire in simple steps

Become a certified editor

Enroll in courses from Editor’s Essentials and earn a certificate on successful completion.

Our copyediting courses are carefully designed to cover the core knowledge as well as related skills such as using MS Word effectively.

A course completion certificates means are you ready for editing.

Know where you are and upskill

Knowing where you are in the learning spectrum helps you identify the learning gap.

Our baseline assessments help you assess yourself on various topics so you can strengthen your skill through foucssed learning.

Currently part of the course, the assessments will be available separately soon.

Learn from an experienced editor

Murugaraj has been an editor since 2004 and editing academic manuscripts.

After 16 years of working with various organizations as an editor, trainer, and manager, he became an independent consultant in 2018.

Get plenty of practice

Our teaching strategy involves deliberate practice, a goal-oriented and systematic way to improve performance. Practice papers are provided for each topic – the smallest learning unit – and for each lesson.

While practice papers for topics aid formative learning, those for lessons help apply the concepts with ease.

With deliberate practice, editing becomes your second nature.

Experience learning with fun

Let your inner child do the learning part, the fun way!

Each lesson has crosswords, puzzles, beat-the-timer practice papers, providing you a fun-filled learning experience.

Our mind maps will help you visually learn the most important points and recall the connection between concepts.

Want to have some fun now?

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Learn copyediting through copyediting courses by Editor’s Essentials. Whether you are a beginner or you are an experienced editor, there is a course for you. Our courses are thorough, practice-oriented, and fun-filled. Not sure yet? Try a sample lesson.

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