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As editors, we come across many questions while editing. Big and annoying questions, but with surprisingly simple answers. Here is a collection of some such questions. Don’t see your question here? Just ask!

Questions on MS Word

Spelling errors in all-caps words in my Word document are not caught during spell-checking.

This is almost always because you have exempted all-caps words while checking spelling. Don’t worry, that’s just the default option. You can always change this.

Go to File > Options > Proofing. (Alternatively, press alt + f + t to go to the options dialog box.)

Uncheck the option “Ignore words in UPPERCASE”.

Now, enable recheck document on the same page and run your spell-checker. You will see that spelling errors in all-caps words are also caught.

Spaces between words in my Word document have vanished. What should I do now?

The reason behind this weird, annoying problem is the incompatibility between the version you use and the version used by the person who previously worked on the document.

To be more precise, if the document was previously created/opened with Word 2007 and you are using 2010 or higher, you will see this problem.

Fortunately, Microsoft identified this problem and provided a solution via Service Pack 3. Unfortunately, Microsoft has discontinued the support for 2007 and you cannot download SP3 from Microsoft’s Office site.

Third-party websites still provide this piece of software, but you need to download at your own risk. A better solution would be to upgrade to a higer version of MS Word.     

Can I install two versions of MS Word on the same computer?

Yes, you can. But unless it is absolutely necessary, you may not.

Before you decide to go ahead with the installation of two versions, read this article by Guiding Tech.

Read also this article from the Microsoft Support.

This article recommends the order of versions to install, if you decide to go ahead.

When I cut and paste words or phrases, the surrounding spaces are deleted

Go to File > Options > Advanced. (Alternatively, press alt + f + t to go to the options dialog box.)

Under the sections “Cut, copy, and paste”, check the option “Use smart cut and paste”.

You may adjust the settings via the settings button next to this option.

I can't see the styles on the left margin when using the normal or draft view

Go to File > Options > Advanced. (Alternatively, press alt + f + t and use the down arrow key to select Advanced.)

Navigate to the “Display” section in the dialog box.

Ensure that the input box for “Style area pane width in Draft and Outline views” has some positive value (at least 1 cm or 0.5 inches).

Now you can adjust the pane width by keeping the cursor on the vertical and dragging it to your required width.

The comment text is too small that I can't read

You may want to modify the styles associated with Comment Text and Balloon Text.

Press Ctrl + Shift + S to go to the Apply Styles dialog box.

In the style name field, type “Comment Text”. Click on “Modify”. The Modify Style dialog box will appear.

Enter a font size that you desire (usually 10 to 12, but it is your choice).

On the bottom of the dialog box, click on the radio button “New documents based on this template”. (This will ensure that this change is effected in all documents you create/open using this template.)

Click OK.

Now repeat the steps for the style Balloon Text.

The comments will no longer appear tiny!  


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