Thank you, Team Journalist

Written by Murugaraj

April 5, 2015

Since I started writing this blog I’ve been using the Journalist theme. Till this morning, that is. Somehow, I have had this feeling of moving on to a different theme, and was looking for one that would meet my expectations. A simple theme, without much of distractions, lovely fonts, and some nice colors. Of course, the Journalist theme scored as far as display elements are considered. There were big quotes with indents that set off the display elements. The titles and headings were of serif fonts, to my liking. However, the new theme, Big Brother, has a lovely font for the body – gentium basic. With some comparisons, and largely going by the heart, I decided to move on with the Big Brother. The title and the headings are still sans serif, but I think I can change them with the upgraded version (and I don’t think I will do it any sooner).

So, thank you Team Journalist, for your wonderful support so far. Hi, Big Brother, let’s work together.

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